Unusual Readings

An Unusual Reading

This is where I hope we will gather reports of unusual circumstances in which people have read The Legend Of Aranrhod. This might be an unusual location, or time snatched from an unusual occupation. It might be that it took an unusually long time to read it because of special circumstances, or it might be that you read it in a very short time. I know of a Greek man who was busy collecting his green olives and so he read Part One little by little – then at last had the time to read the rest in one sitting. I’d say that qualifies for inclusion in this Unusual Readings Page.

The location doesn’t have to be on the Mir space station, nor the top of Everest. I suppose, if I’m honest, reading the book anywhere but in your own home could count as unusual, since we usually read at home – probably most commonly in bed or in the smallest room. However, even these common places could qualify if they have something unusual about them.

Possible unusual readings that spring to mind: in church during the sermon; at school during a lesson; at work – when?; in detention; in prison; a bit every night to your children; a bit every night to your spouse; while commuting – though not when driving; on a beach – where?; on an plane – where to?; claiming to be the youngest reader; ditto the oldest reader; read it the most number of times … etc.

This Unusual Readings Page hopes to hear from you. You have to put a name but it doesn’t have to be your real name(especially if you were reading during a lesson) but a country or a county would be nice. You have to put your email address but it isn’t revealed anywhere. But this discourages ‘Blog spammers’ who set out to invade blogs and spoil our innocent fun.

One Response to “Unusual Readings”

  1. Geoff Anderson Says:

    My own Unusual Reading is illustrated by the photograph of Archbishop Michael Patrick O’Connor Cox reading the book. An archbishop reading it might qualify, though probably not since it would imply that there’s something unusual about an archbishop reading!
    So no, it qualifies because during the week that I was fortunate enough to be staying with Bishop Michael, he READ IT TO ME. Every afternoon he would sit down and read to me, often for up to an hour. This was a wonderful privilege, for I’d never heard the text read aloud before.
    A bonus was to hear it read with an Irish accent – not Welsh, no, but with a Celtic lilt that brought some phrases to life in a special way.
    Another bonus was that Bishop Michael would stop and make a comment if a passage struck a chord or made him laugh.

    A most unusual reading.

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