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First Prize …

May 5, 2008

On Wed 30th April, just over a year from when it first went on sale, The Legend of Aranrhod was awarded First Prize in a national competition.

The photograph captures the moment when the result was announced.

The competition was organised by the David St John Thomas Charitable Trust. Their aim was to find the self-published novel of 2008 that is being the most successfully marketed. The average total sales of self-published books is 300. Almost four times that number of Legends have been sold thus far.

This is where I want to express my thanks to all who have bought The Legend of Aranrhod and to all who have recommended it to others or who have actually sold copies for me. THANK YOU!!

But I have to reserve my greatest thanks for the novel itself, to Carys and all her fellow characters. Ultimately, as the marketing maestro himself remarked on an episode of The Apprentice recently, you can’t market a duff product, so the prize is definitely the book’s, not mine. Last week I met a 13-yr-old girl who has read the Legend five times and says it’s ‘the best book ever’. Her father commented that her copy is indeed ‘very thumbed’. It’s humbling for a writer but true that a few ‘very thumbed books’ probably sell more copies than all one’s carefully orchestrated book signings and author appearances.

Having said that, I continue to flog copies personally as I tour with my choir. The novel is selling in greater numbers than on last year’s tours, which is exciting.