Spread the Virus


According to Joel Rickett, deputy editor of The Bookseller, word of mouth is still the most important factor in a book’s popularity, even in this media-saturated age, where publishers spend fortunes on Special Offers (like BOGOHP!) and authors pray to be shortlisted for a prize. 

A survey (here’s the science) of 1,000 people by BML for World Book Day in 2005 found 25% of respondents had bought their last book-for-pleasure on the basis of a recommendation from a friend. That’s a hefty proportion – especially considering it doesn’t cost ANYbody a penny … okay, maybe the cost of a phone call or a txt msg.

That doesn’t include all those who didn’t need to buy it on their friend’s recommendation because said friend LENT them the book. And why not? From the author’s or publisher’s viewpoint this has monetary drawbacks but it is still spreading the word – in a very literal as well as literary way. At least the ripples are still going out from the original reader, even if their copy is floating on the surface, as it were.

So, to whom have YOU recommended The Legend Of Aranrhod? You don’t need to mention any names, unless they’re famous people! Have you recommended the book to, for example, your teacher, your pupils, your patients, your servants, your employees, your employer, your MP, your penfriend, relatives near and far – especially in other countries. (If you know these expats bought a copy, please visit the ‘Where some books ended up’-page to note down the country there.) And so on.

The prize so far for most unusual recommendee is a dental hygienist. Someone actually managed, while their mouth was wide open and their teeth being cleaned and checked, to recommend The Legend to their dental hygienist!

This page looks forward to hearing of how The Legend of Aranrhod virus is being spread.


One Response to “Spread the Virus”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Obviously, if I were to list all the people to whom *I* have recommended the book, I’d be here all night – although I do find it hard, since promoting my own book is not far removed from promoting mySELF, which my life as a parish priest didn’t exactly prepare me for!
    However, I can say that the most enjoyable marketing events so far have been my school visits, my visit to the Festival at Hope Bagot church, my booksigning at Bewdley Books, and the two Launches in Worcester and Devon. The photo was taken at the Worcester Launch.

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