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Russian Tour Cancelled …

September 10, 2008

I was expecting to be touring with the St Petersburg Blagovest Ensemble right now. The tour was meant to begin on 6th September and conclude on the 27th. But the ensemble had their applications for visas rejected. It seems they will need to have work visas from now on, which they may not qualify for. So it is a worrying time. And an upsetting time for all the people who were looking forward to seeing and hearing Blagovest this month.

It does mean I’ve been granted a bonus slab of time in which to work on my sequel to The Legend of Aranrhod. And I’m trying to get some school visits booked as well. Any offers?

Another consolation is that touring in this weather wouldn’t have been the jolliest of times.

One more thing. If you find yourself having deja-vu experiences in the next few days – feeling like you’ve read this Post before, feeling like you’ve read this Post before – it may be that the subatomic experiment in Geneva has flung us all into a time warp. If so, I hope your Groundhog Days are pleasant ones!