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New Look Sidebar …

January 29, 2008

I’ve had a bit of an early spring clean of the pages on the sidebar. Take a look.

Some of the titles were too clever for their own good, so I’ve made their meaning more explicit. And I’ve shuffled the order slightly . For instance, Your Reviews & Feedback was festering at the very bottom of the pile. Now, with the addition of the word ‘All’, which begins with ‘A’, suddenly All Your Reviews & Feedback are near the top.

And it’s time to brighten up the Home Front with a photo. It’s of me signing books at the Devon Creative Launch.

Signing at the Devon Launch

If you’ve got a photo related in some way to The Legend of Aranrhod (it doesn’t have to be of me!) then send it to the blog or direct to me first. Perhaps of you reading it or of someone else reading it, or of someone throwing it in the bin or giving it to Oxfam.

Two Generations from PA …

January 15, 2008

That’s PA as in PENNSYLVANIA, USA, not as in ‘Pa and Ma’.

First a grandmother in Pittsburg PA read The Legend Of Aranrhod and loved it. She then passed it on to her daughter, who also loved it. She has now passed it on to her teenaged son. No pressure, but it would be great to have a generational set who enjoyed the book!

You can read grandmother and mother’s comments in Your Feedback & Reviews in the Sidebar on the right.

Maybe you belong to a family in which three (or more?!) generations have read and enjoyed The Legend? If so, it would be marvellous to hear from you. I do know a 93-yr-old who has a copy …

Giclee Prints For Sale …

January 12, 2008

Imogen Hallam, the artist who painted the cover for The Legend Of Aranrhod is selling signed giclee prints of the original artwork. For details see the page “Giclee Prints For Sale” in the sidebar on the right.

You will also learn what a giclee print is.

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2008

Why not Resolve to write a review this year for Amazon? Simply find the book on their site and scroll down, down, down until you see a button on the right ‘Write Your Own Review’. You can even use a pretend name if you’re shy!