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The photo (courtesy of Gary Mackley-Smith) is a scene from The Legend’s Creative Devon Launch back in October, which was a great event. It shows me sharing a joke in the library before the event started. On the right is Imogen Hallam, who painted the cover of The Legend Of Aranrhod, Priscilla Trenchard who made a book of all the artwork which people did during the event, and Rob Millar the puppeteer of Monsieur Moustache, who did a workshop in the chapel.

The ‘Your Feedback’ page on the right has a new review, which begins: “This spiritual thriller for teens is more exciting and better written than The Da Vinci Code.” (Of course, it depends what you thought of Dan Brown’s blockbuster …) Have I found here The Legend’s genre at last – ‘spiritual thriller’? I’ve never heard the expression before. Have you? What do you think of it as a description of The Legend Of Aranrhod?

Finally, on the Far & Wide page, I’ve added Scotland. And Lake Forest, Illinois. If you’ve got a copy of The Legend Of Aranrhod, is your location already listed on the Far & Wide page?

PS – There’s still time for you to order a copy of The Legend before Christmas. Obviously, the book won’t arrive before Christmas now, but your order would! No but seriously, it depends whose Calendar you go by. In some continental countries, and throughout Russia – a pretty big place – they celebrate the Day on January 6th, so copies would arrive before (their) Christmas. And anyway, how nice for a friend or loved one to receive an extra gift in those awful days between the 25th and 31st December, when the let-down has set in, they’ve eaten all the Thorntons, drunk all the 10-yr-old port they got in, and they’re surrounded by unwanted gifts (including yours) which they don’t want to return until the Sales begin. Imagine their pleasure when there’s a ‘thud’ on the doormat and inside a Jiffy bag is a book guaranteed to uplift their spirits and keep them away from toxic telly for a few hours at least – they may even decide to keep your original prezzie and not replace it with something they want!


One Response to “Check This Out …”

  1. Karen Says:

    That’s a great picture. Missing your giggles!

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