Countdown to the Devon Launch …


At 2 o’clock tomorrow, in a Devon location, 60 people will spend 3 hours talking about The Legend Of Aranrhod, drawing it, chatting to a French puppet about it, learning about the business of self publishing, and making a book of the Launch itself. A veritable symposium. Half of the people will be children.

Next week I’ll tell you how it went, and hope to have some photos. Meanwhile I’ve attached a photo of The Legend on the bookshelves of a Waterstones bookstore, a milestone in its journey to the stars. We know the book is being enjoyed by a much, much wider age-range than 9-12, but bookstores have to categorise to bring some order to their stock.

If you live in Devon and would like a copy of the book, you can buy one in the Exeter branch of Waterstones near to Boots’, or from Paragon Books in Sidmouth, or Cameron’s Bookshop in Cullompton.

If you’d like a poster promoting the book, let me know.

If you live in Devon and are connected with a school in the county, why not invite me (or get me invited) to give my Interactive Talk to Years 5 and/or 6? It lasts between half an hour and an hour, according to what the school wants. I bring simple costumes and props and involve a couple of dozen children in the action. It’s not a monologue!

I can be contacted about this and anything else at Thank you.


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