First one branch, then another …

Not to be outdone by Worcester, Exeter Waterstones – the branch next to Boots – is going to stock The Legend Of Aranrhod. So the good people of Devon, who will be excited, alerted, and bowled over by all the publicity about The Legend arising from the Creative Devon Launch at Bishops Court, Clyst St Mary, on Sunday 14th October from 2-5, will be able to dash into the city, find Boots (everyone knows where Boots is), and rush into the Waterstones nearby and BUY A LEGEND. Or two.

But DON’T rush into the Waterstones branch near the Guildhall, for they are NOT stocking The Legend, thank you very much. In fact, if you so much as ask if they DO stock it, you are liable to get a stale sarnie hurled in your direction.

Actually, come to think of it, before going to buy your copy in the branch near Boots, it would be a jolly lark if you firstly went into the branch near the Guildhall and asked for a copy there. When they say ‘No, would you like to order it?’ you should reply ‘No, thanks, I hear they have some in your other branch near Boots.’ and then add, ‘Could you tell me where Boots is?’


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