Buy it at your local Waterstones …

… BUT only if you live in Worcester or environs!

Yes, the High Street branch of Waterstones, Worcester, is stocking The Legend Of Aranrhod according to their policy of supporting local authors. Indeed they’re going to put a sign under the book saying Local Author. Frankly, they could put a sign up saying ‘Trash’ and I’d be happy because ANY sign attracts the browser’s attention, which is paramount in a bookstore with thousands and thousands of titles.

It’s been ‘outward-facing cover’ this week but I reckon for not much longer – I tremble to think what that six inches of shelf real estate is worth. But I imagine The Legend’s shelf-life will be pretty short even when it’s taking up a mere 18mm of shelf-space with only the spine showing.

If you were thinking of buying a copy as a Christmas present for someone, it would be nice to show your appreciation of Waterstones’ Local Policy by popping in and making your purchase at the High Street branch. A bit tricky if you live in Leeds or Folkestone, but maybe a local person could buy it on your behalf?

Meanwhile, half the 60 invitations to the Creative Devon Book Launch at Bishops Court, Clyst St Mary, have gone out, and a shortlist for the other 30 is currently being drawn up. Is your name there? Is your name even in the hat? It will be an event not to be missed, on Sunday October 14th from 2pm to 5pm. Write to me at  


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