Firstfruits & Precedents …

I grew up in a market garden with all kinds of fruit trees and bushes. Every year the biggest thrill was picking the firstfruits of any crop. The first ripe apple, eaten from the tree. The first Victoria plum, deep purple on the sunny side, still pinky yellow on the shaded side, and with a waxy glow that proclaimed the fruit’s delight at being ready for harvesting.

In our Aranrhod ‘marketing garden’ we’ve picked a couple of significant firstfruits this week.

A Girl Guide company has taken on Aranrhod as a fundraiser, earning £2.00 for every copy sold. It may not seem like much but sell 500 …

 And the Children’s Work Officer for Manchester Diocese has placed Aranrhod in his Resource Centre for people who work with children in the diocese to borrow as a prompt for raising issues. Steve Dixon has an impressive array of resources of all kinds, and he lists them in categories on the diocesan website. So in future, if people look under ‘Books’ they will find Aranrhod listed along with a review of the book written by Steve himself. You will also find his review on the ‘Your Feedback’ page (see the sidebar on the right of this item).

Both of these are firstfruits and so they have an exciting glow as we pick them off their marketing garden trees. If one Girl Guide company can adopt Aranrhod as a fundraiser, then why not others? I wonder how many there are in the country? And if Manchester diocese can have a copy of Aranrhod in its Children’s Work Resource Centre, why not the other 42 dioceses?

There is nothing so sweet as the firstfruits, but I also remember the thrill – quite a different emotion, deeper, longer lasting – of carrying basketfuls of apples or plums or tomatoes into the house for sorting and packing. Imagine basketfuls of Resource Centres and Girl Guide companies. It can be done, but it will take time.  

The firstfruits can help by serving as precendents, to encourage others to do the same.

By the way, do you know a Girl Guide leader? Or a Diocesan Children’s Work Officer?


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