But August Exists …

It may contain the dog days of summer but I have to admit that August exists. If August didn’t exist, neither would I, since it contains my birthday (not telling). So to say Phase Two of Aranrhod’s Marketing Campaign will begin in September is absurd. And yet I said it!

So Correction: Phase Two began on August 1st and will end on September 30th.

This means that Phase Two involves a lot of consolidation – for example the Report on Phase One! Also I need to polish off my promotional leaflets, establish my membership of ContactAnAuthor, go live and wait for the bookings to come rushing in (don’t laugh).

And then three more weeks of touring with my Russian choir might see another decent block of books sold, so that by the end of Phase Two I could be near recouping the whole of my outlay, all the one-off publishing investment as well as the print-run. That’s the aim, so that when we start Phase Three on October 1st – lasting until the end of the year – everything is paid for and any further money coming in on the final copies of the 1,000 will go towards the 2nd print-run.


And thanks for your support. Aranrhod will shine brighter tonight.


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