To Him Who Waits …

I received a letter in the post today, quite a rare event nowadays.

It was from somebody to whom I had sent a copy of The Legend Of Aranrhod three and a half months ago. Before I sent it he had warned me that it might take him a while to read it. After three months the task could so easily have become one of those nagging little jobs that you keep telling yourself you’ll tackle but knowing deep down there’ll always be other things you prefer to do. So how marvellous that Steve took Aranrhod on a short holiday as holiday reading. Luckily, he enjoyed it. ‘Well written, well plotted, with good characters and a strong ending.’

Such comprehensive praise would have satisfied me, but he also sent a cheque for £6.99 and said he was placing the book in the library of the Diocese of Manchester.

Quite a letter. Thanks Steve.


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