The Irish Launch …

For the past week I was in Ireland, a guest of Archbishop Michael Patrick O’Connor Cox and his first cousin Janet. 

Lindsay now has a copy of Aranrhod. She attends school in Dublin.

Maria has a copy. She paid 10 euros for it, so Ireland became the second country outside the UK where a copy has actually been purchased – the other being the USA. It is now incontrovertibly true that The Legend Of Aranrhod is an International Seller. All we need now is a four lettered word inserted between ‘International’ and ‘Seller’. Maria works in a travel agent in Birr in county Offaly, Ireland. She reads voraciously and was devastated to learn that the only bookshop in Birr is closing. When we asked the bookshop owner why she was closing, she blamed Harry Potter, which she’d been banking on as a big seller. We all know what’s happened in reality.

Maud has a copy. A most gracious lady, she lives in Tullamore and knows the owner of a bookshop in Tullamore. Maud said she would tell this friend about Aranrhod. I met Maud in Kinnitty Castle where I was having a cream tea, served by a Polish waiter of course, with Bishop Michael and Janet.

Bishop Michael has his own copy, most of which he read while I was there – indeed he read many pages out loud to me, which was a privilege. At Bishop Michael’s request, I have left 5 further copies with him which he intends to send to some of his many friends.

The Irish are amazing people who live in a beautiful country. I had a wonderful week and I will always carry with me some treasured memories.


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