I Think I’m Getting The Hang Of This …

I’ve finally, I think, figured out how to run this blog.

 What I’m going to do is this:

I’ll write a new post, which will appear at the top of the front page, but instead of leaving it there for ever until it gets so low down it is automatically archived, or until the month ends, whichever is shorter (or longer – you’ll have gathered blogs are a mystery to me), after a while I will transfer it to an appropriate page on the sidebar.

For example, the post below this, about the riddle – well, there’s the perfect page waiting for it, called ‘Solve the Riddle and Win a Prize’.

That’s what I’m going to do.

But what am I going to do with this post where I explain what I’m going to do? It’s a bit like the chicken and egg only back to front. Maybe I’ll just leave it to float around this page, bobbing up and down. Watch this space, I should.


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